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Sadly I am not running classes in 2018 
To find other Kodaly-trained music teachers the do-re-mi website http://www.do-re-mi.com.au    


Music for Children is a *Kodaly-based programme for children ranging in age from babies to 6 year olds.

Musical games and fun activities are used in the classes to acquire and practise musical skills. The aim is to impart the joy of music: making it, listening to it and moving to it. The learning is experiential – the children are developing aural, vocal and rhythmic skills as they participate in a wide range of activities. A variety of learning styles are employed (aural, visual, kinaesthetic) so that the children are absorbing abstract concepts via concrete, physical movements and through their voices.

Music for Children will help your child to develop his or her innate musicality and will create an excellent foundation for later instrumental or vocal studies. In addition, the programme also provides opportunities to develop your child's memory, motor co-ordination, socialisation and confidence-building skills.

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Classes are taught by Nikki Coleman -

accredited do-re-mi Teacher

(do-re-mi is the Kodaly Early Childhood Music programme)

* pronounced Koh-die

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