Toddlers and Beyond     2 year olds

Duration 35 - 40 minutes

Parents and carers participate with the child in a variety of songs, rhymes, knee bounces, tickles, and finger plays. Percussion instruments are incorporated into each class and are often used to reinforce dynamics and tempo. The children in this age group are introduced to games and listening activities that reinforce aural skills. Movement activities are extended into games and dances, often incorporating dramatisation as well as co-ordination.

Babies & Tiny Tots         6 months to 24 months

Duration 30 mins

Parents and carers participate with the child in a variety of songs, rhymes, knee bounces, tickles, and finger plays. Percussion instruments are incorporated into each class as well as movement and listening activities

In the early months of life, the very young child will often observe and absorb the music activities

the parent or carer is doing with them.

As the child develops and gains more control of her body, she will begin to clap or bounce without the aid of the accompanying adult. The older 1 year old and the 2 year old typically shows increasing independence and will choose to participate in the activities in the class when they feel confident to do so.

Many children will continue to stay close to ‘their adult’ and continue to mainly observe what the others in the class are doing. These children often repeat the activities they observed during the class with amazing accuracy when they get home. Other children will happily engage in the activities during the class, some even without their parent or carer.

Each child’s learning style is respected and nurtured and the classes are in no way a performance

Babies to 3 years       

Children in these classes attend with a Parent or Carer

3 years to 5 years

Please note: children attend the class on their own

do-re-mi Level 2:  4 & 5 year olds         Duration 40 minutes

In the level 2 class the children will encounter similar activities as those in Level 1 with more challenging repertoire, games and activities. The individual singing activities are extended to include word and melody improvisation and the beat and rhythm activities are similarly extended. Your child will begin ‘inner hearing’ activities and perform songs with repeated patterns made up from body percussion, words or played on instruments.

do-re-mi Level 1:  3 year olds         Duration 40 minutes

The children in this class will learn a variety of traditional songs with specific qualities to help them develop accurate pitch and to sing in tune. They will begin to sing fragments or whole songs on their own, often in the form of a game. Other games will involve beat and rhythm activities, develop aural awareness and memory, or unconsciously prepare the children for reading music notation. Dances, co-ordination and movement activities, and performing on percussion instruments help connect the children’s aural and kinaesthetic senses. All of the activities involve co-operation, taking turns, respectful listening to other children so that children are developing important social skills along with musicianship.

These classes are made up of several key areas

Bounces, rhymes and movement activities developing and reinforcing awareness of beat - one of the most fundamental parts of all music-making

Simple songs building repertoire with songs that the young child can successfully sing in tune

Peek-a-boo songs and games involving anticipation, dramatisation and concentration

Finger plays incorporating imagination, physical actions and dramatisation

Tickles musical games that involve touching and tickling, and lots of giggles

Lullabies to soothe and calm your child

Listening activities developing aural skills and quiet concentration